Friday, April 30, 2010

Real Estate Investing: Lease Options - Find the Seller’s Sticking Point

As part of my lease option training I teach my students that when you are negotiating with a seller on a lease option deal you’ll find that all sellers have a sticking point. Lease option sellers will have something that means more to them than anything else. Find out what this is so that you can structure a deal that makes them happy while simultaneously meeting your requirements for profitability.
For instance, the price of the home may be more important to some lease option sellers than when they receive it - this can allow you to structure a longer term lease option deal.
Other lease option sellers might want a very specific monthly payment to cover their mortgage nut, but their overall price is negotiable.
Work with each seller to understand what makes them tick, so that you can tailor your lease option offer to suit them best.

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