Monday, March 30, 2009

Creative Real Estate Investing : Real Estate Article of The Month

Here is your Free March 09 Real Estate Article of The Month. This month I will share with you the 6 steps I use with my mentoring students to get unbelievable bargains in a down real estate market.

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6 Steps I use to help my coaching students get some of the best bargains on investment properties - even in a down market !

Study The Market Cycle: Homes in general may take longer to sell these days because of pricing, perceived seller value and a more cautious pool of buyers. But that doesn’t mean sellers are any less motivated to move on with their lives. At one time, we thought little of homes sitting on the market for 90 days or more. These days, we seek buying opportunities if a home has been on the market over 60 days-- and are seeing some heavy price discounting from our buyers if days on market goes over 90 days.

Check Tax Records and other Sources: Is there more debt on the home than what it is worth? Has a Notice of Default been filed that would indicate a looming foreclosure? If so, and if this is a home of interest for our buyer, we submit an offer contingent upon the successful negotiation of a short sale (where the lender sells the property for less than what is owed). In this case, either we or professional negotiators deal with the lender(s) to reach the best possible price for our buyer.

Did Owners Pay Cash or Have They Owned Their Home for Longer than 10 Years? These sellers may be in a position to sell at a discount or may be motivated to do so due to life transitions or other investment opportunities. They may also be open to owner-financing for all or part of the home mortgage. Become knowledgeable about installment sales and other creative financing strategies.

Are You Open to Rehab? Homes sold in as-is condition, typically REO (Real Estate Owned) properties, are more likely than others to sell at a substantial discount. Even owners, especially when the home has been on the market for some time, are often overwhelmed with the thought of remodeling and updating–and fearful that their decor choices will not suit potential buyers. In many markets, older or outdated homes are sometimes sold at land value.

Foreclosure Sales: The foreclosures are occurring even in the luxury home market. Highly leveraged homes purchased in the last few years are more frequently ending up on the courthouse steps. Foreclosure purchases, which require cash and carry no disclosures or guarantees, offer both great potential for profit–and big dangers for the uninformed. Bidding should be non-emotional and it is best to have a professional bidding for you–but only after thorough-as-possible research has been done regarding the home’s condition, its history and resale potential. Cracked slabs, structural defects and boundary line encroachments are unwelcome surprises.

Why Check Out The Realtor: If the property you want is listed, has your agent check the other real estate agent’s listing history. If that agent tends to have listings on the market for a long time, you may wish to lower your offer. On the other hand, if the agent prices properties aggressively and has short “days on market,” you may consider coming in near to, at, or over list price. You will likely find those listings already priced at or below market to attract multiple offers.

A combination of patience, perseverance and the ability to move quickly will serve all astute buyers of real estate these days, but the greatest potential of all may lie with properties whose replacement value could far exceed the purchase price--or those with great locations. Therefore, have your mode of financing in place and have your buyers lined up in your database for a quick and profitable transition.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creative Real Estate Investing: Housing Strats Surge or Did They?

Hello All:

Well, Wall Street is doing back flips on today's surprising surge in housing starts of 22.2% ! But if you look a little deeper you will find the surge is based on speculators who are building apartment building complexes; anticipating increased demand for rental units.

I'll give you my take on what that means for you and me as creative real estate investors on my next blog entry.

Be well,

James Gage

Monday, March 2, 2009

Real Estate Investing Article:Recipe for Successful Real Estate Investing

Yes, I did say recipe, not a cookie cutter formula. You see in my humble opinion cookie cutters are good for one thing – making cookies! Each real estate transaction that you will do will have some things in common, however, most have different logistical and or legal considerations, which make each transaction unique.

Sense most recipes usually have one or more interpretation by the chef(s); here are my essential ingredients to a successful real estate transaction.

1. Know Your Market: This can not be stressed enough in these challenging investing times. Know what investing strategies and techniques will work for maximum profit and leverage in your geographical area.
2. Know Your Exit before you go in the Entrance: Another words, know what you will do with the property before making an offer or instituting a leveraged investing strategy such as a lease option.
3. Budget 20% Above “Fix Up Cost” Estimates : Why? Unforeseen circumstances! In contractor lingo that means “we didn’t know the walls were horse hair plaster, when we gave you the quote”. You get the idea, it’s better to over budget and pocket the overage, rather than start financially hemorrhaging because your profit margin is shrinking faster then the balance in your IRA account due to “unforeseen circumstances”.
4. Be Pro Active: Stay in the game. If you’re working with a real estate agent don’t leave it to them to handle the deal. This is especially true with short sales; most real estate agents don’t know how to facilitate a short sale, so in order to get a YES from the bank you must insert yourself into the equation. Ask questions, demand answers and know who the players are and how to contact them.
5. Have Your Buyer or Tenant In Place: Contrary to some modern day gurus who tell you to find and complete the deal, and people will magical appear to buy or occupy your property – that just doesn’t make good financial sense. Does the movie “Pacific Heights” ring any bells?
My take is to have someone waiting in the wings who is already pre-qualified and is looking for that particular property, in that particular neighborhood. This ingredient goes hand in hand with ingredient # 2 at the beginning of this article, so before you sign on the dotted line for any property make sure you have a winning investing plan in place.

There you have it my essential ingredients to a successful real estate transaction; use them and never worry again about coming out on the short end of the real estate investing stick.

To your success…