Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breaking Real Estate News: Foreclosures

Hello All:

I have some breaking news for you on the real estate investing front! Foreclosures for the first quarter of 2010 are up 19% according to CNBC!

You maybe asking yourself how can this be, when the stock market is rallying and breaking the 11,000 mark. Well, it’s simple! Most of the money coming in to the stock market is foreign money, looking to make a quick buck on this temporary stock market rally. Remember, also today we were told that unemployment unexpectedly increased – yeah right.

So what does that mean to you the investor? It means the 3rd wave of foreclosures I have been predicting is starting to come to pass. As always, in any cycle, there is opportunity to be found, if you just look. There will be more short sale, assignment and lease option opportunities for all of us to make a boat load of cash; if you know what you’re doing….

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Until next time, may all your deals be profitable.

James Gage