Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thoughts On The New Housing Bill & How You Can Profit!

James Gage here with Gage Consulting Group hoping that this blog post finds you and yours in good health.

If you're head is still spinning from the recent downturn in the real estate market – your not alone. Most real estate investors that I have spoken with lately are in a holding pattern and sitting on the sidelines, not doing deals waiting for the market to rebound – don’t hold your breath!

Brace yourselves for the coming weeks! Numerous real estate gurus will be broadcasting over the net and at your local real estate clubs concerning the proposed housing bill, (which the President is scheduled to sign in the coming week) that now is the time to buy property because this legislation will be the answer to the industry wide problem. Nothing could be further from the truth! In the coming week I will break down the bill in detail to show you why very few people will benefit from the bill, and how this may increase our real estate and economic troubles.

That being said, if I could show you how to recession proof your real estate investing, and make $10,000.00 profit in the next 30 days with little or no risk or money -what would you say?

I would venture to say most of you would say How?

With the best kept secret in real estate investing Lease Options!

I have been using this strategy over the last 20 plus years in an up, down and side ways market without risk or worry. I recently recorded a 1 day seminar on lease options, and if I do say myself I haven’t given this much detailed, real world information in the span of 8 hours in my 20 plus years of real estate investing and mentoring! Believe me when I say I went the extra mile in this training. Not only will you learn everything you ever wanted to know about lease options, but I will also show you how to use them with foreclosures and probates!

Before I let you go on to read over what these CDs contain, many individuals have called me and ask if lease options are legal? The answer is 100% yes, if done properly!

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I learned early in my investing career that there is always money to be made whether you’re in an up, down or sideways market; if you know where to look and know what leveraged strategy to use for maximum profit.
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To your success,

James A. Gage

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