Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Foreclosures: More Bad News!

Hello All:

As I predicted over a year ago, this housing meltdown will spill over into the main stream America. This is why you should look into becoming a short term real estate investor. Look what the media and mortgage institutions are finally realizing; so with that being said, how long will it take to hit a bottom? My prediction is 24-28 months. I guess I should place an addendum on that statement; as long as we don't have another 911, sustain a flu pandemic or if the dollar is not devalued even further against foreign currencies, then a rebound should happen.

Be well and may all your deals be profitable.

James Gage

Mortgage Fears
by Yahoo! Finance and The Week
Countrywide Financial says that the subprime mortgage has spread to borrowers with good credit.