Monday, February 22, 2010

Real Estate Investing: Assignments Made Easy

James Gage here with Gage Consulting Group hoping that
this blog post finds you and yours in good health.

How would You like to make 3,000 – 7,000 thousand dollars
per real estate transaction, even in a down market, without
owning or financing the property? Well if you said Yes, then
continue reading below...

If you're head is still spinning from the recent changes
and trends in the real estate investing marketplace, and
you're wondering how the heck you can make any money in
this environment without a bag full of cash, then you
won't want to miss out on :

"Assignments Made Easy!"

Banks are even tougher these days with who they're lending
to and what they will finance and they're looking more and
more at your credit and how many years of experience that
you have as an investor!
What if you have less than perfect credit, don't know how to
best present your deal to the bank, want to get commercial
financing, have no substantial cash to put into a deal as a
down payment, or are confused by the new FHA and Prime loan

This is the exact process I use in one of my investing
modules for consistent cash flow on a monthly basis.

Before I let you go to read over my exactly what this
CD contains, many individuals have called me and ask
if I would put together a step-by- step DVD & CD on
"Assignments", well your wish is my command. I have put
together a DVD & CD on that very subject please visit
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bank accounts perked up to where they should be!

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Also, as a thank you bonus I am including:
My Step by Step Assignments Made Easy Guide, which will
walk you through the process A-Z.
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To your success,

James A. Gage

With this DVD & CD which is jam packed full of information
you will never have to worry about getting or
controlling a property again.

What you will learn with this powerful package :

On DVD 1 James, goes step by step on how to:
• Choose the appropriate document, for the right deal.
• Fill out each document correctly !
• Protect yourself from litigation in every deal!
• Protect the money you make on each deal, if the deal
doesn’t close!
• And much, much more…

On the CD of Forms, James provides all the contracts you will
need to do any deal, whether a straight transaction or Lease Option
assignment. Each document can be modified on your computer to suit
the structure of any deal.

And of course like all of James's products you will
receive much more.