Friday, January 8, 2010

Real Estate Investing: Why People Are Not Successful

Hello Everyone:

Here we are beginning another year of real estate, so this month's real estate article will be devoted to starting off on the right foot. We will examine exactly what causes people not to be successful in real estate investing - enjoy and be well.

Why People Are Not Successful In Real Estate

By James A. Gage

Have you ever wondered why most people are not successful in Real Estate or achieve very limited results? All Real Estate techniques and strategies have a learning curve, even Lease Purchasing, AKA Rent to Own which I believe is the only way to control Real Estate. That being said, after you have grasped the strategy or the technique you want to implement - what now! The easy part was learning about the strategy, now comes the hard part which is Negotiating the deal. You can go to all the seminars, buy all the books and tapes on Real Estate investing and still fall flat on your face or come out on the short end of the stick - costing you time and money.

OK, OK if rah rah seminars, boot camps and positive thinking don’t work, what does? What's the SOLUTION?

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