Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Short Sales Can They Still Be Done Successfully?

I'm asked on a regular basis, Jim, can the average investor still do Short Sales, or has that market opportunity played out? The answer is No! Let me qualify my statement. You can be successful with short sales as long as you know what you're doing... That being said, there are numerous gurus out there claiming that you can get these deals done in 30 days or less - that just isn't true!! Actually the truth is, that it may take at the very least 90 days!

So, that's why I tell my students that it is imperative that they have multiple deals in the pipe, so when one closes the next one replaces it on the profit train. Remember, not all deals close, so if you are doing these deals one at a time, you better think about getting a job at the "Golden Arches" AKA McDonalds.

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