Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why clients don’t say YES. Real Estate Investing Tip

There are only 2 reasons, other than money, why clients don’t say YES.

#1 They don’t understand the information presented.

#2 They don’t see how it benefits them.

And the only way you’re going to know is by asking questions. Becoming a powerful communicator is the number one skill you need to be successful. The best part is that this is an easy and painless way to catapult your business to the top.

You can learn how to communicate effectively with anyone, really.

To be incredibly successful, you need to realize the person who makes the most money is the best communicator. Learn the principles of communication and practice them. Perfect the principles before you worry about learning specialized techniques for your particular business.

The communication skills you need to be successful in earning money are the same skills you need to be successful in any area of your life. I can tell you for a fact that the people you’re going to be talking to don’t care if you know every little thing about your topic, they care that you care about them.

If you show that you care about who they are, and what they need, and what they want, they will be incredibly forgiving of your level of knowledge of the product, or technique or whatever you’re discussing. Right from the beginning, even if you don’t have everything all figured out, you can be very successful just by caring about the people that you’re talking to.