Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Real Estate Tip of the Month- July 2009

Real Estate Tip of the Month

Watch out when purchasing or lease optioning newer construction, say within the time frame of the last 5-7 years. Why? In a rush to fill demand during the housing boom, many builders cut corners and did very substandard workmanship! Now, these practices have come back to haunt home owner’s and sellers of both residential and commercial property in the form of expense repairs; in some cases repair costs surpass the current value of the property!

So what can you do as an investor or home buyer if you are debating purchasing or lease optioning a property referenced above? Make sure you get a good home inspection by a reputable company, and have an expert evaluate any areas of concern that the home inspector may note on their report. Remember, contrary to popular belief, the home inspectors job is just to give a general opinion on the shape and condition of the property, any “red flags” that he or she points out should be addressed by an expert in that particular field of concern.

You may want, if available in your geographical area, to purchase a home warranty on the property you are purchasing or lease optioning. These policies protect you, the owner, from footing the bill for major repairs or replacements of costly appliances in and on the dwelling. You can research via a search engine on the web, such as Google, and do a search under “Home Warranties”, and choose a plan that is right for your situation and budget,

Until next time – be well.

James Gage