Sunday, May 3, 2009

Real Estate Investing: New Appraisal Regulations

New Appraisal Regulations Under Fire as of May 1, the responsibility for managing home appraisals will move to a middleman, known as appraisal management companies or AMCs.

Under new federal regulations, mortgage brokers and loan officers can’t directly order appraisals. Instead, they are expected to go through third-party AMCs, which are supposed to prevent them from pressuring appraisers.

The new rules have transferred the improper influence problem to these appraisal management companies, which are not regulated by anybody!

The marketplace is still vulnerable to appraiser pressure because the incentives are still there to get deals done and collect the fees.

Federal housing officials, who helped write the new laws, say they will hold AMCs accountable. Yea right, just like AIG, Citi, and all the others....