Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Real Estate Education Tip: Who do you listen too?

One of the most important questions you have to answer for yourself as you build your real estate investing business is who are you going to listen to and learn from?

This is especially true now with so many real estate investing gurus/coaches vying for your attention and screaming “me, me, me!”

I have found that there are 3 types of “teachers & trainers” in real estate investing, and only one type is always worth following:

Type 1 - Someone who has read a book or gone to a seminar on a topic, has never successfully done it, and is now going to teach you how to do it. I recommend my RLH response here: Run Like Hell!

Type 2 - Teacher has successfully done what you want to learn, is going to teach you, but is no longer doing it. Approach with caution: while you might be able to learn some good tips and strategies, you will be learning what got them where they are, not what they are doing right now to be successful. You won’t learn leading edge new stuff.

Type 3 - Teacher has successfully done what you want to learn, is going to teach you, and continues to do what is being taught. With this kind of teacher you get it all: what got them to where they are, what they are doing now to continue to grow, and what are the new next steps and strategies to keep you moving forward.

This is the kind of teacher with whom I will spend my time and money. By the way type number 3 has been my One-on-One Mentoring philosophy for over 20 years!

My recommendation: Learn from and follow only those who have done it, are teaching it, and continue to do it in their own businesses every day.

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