Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Creative Real Estate Investing: Part 2 2009 Predications for Our Economy


My last post I promised to give you what I believe is the answer to combating my 2009 Predictions on the economy and the real estate investing industry which we are a part of.

The previous post is just a few elements of what I see happening in 2009, I hope they don’t happen, but 90% of my predictions last year have unfortunately have come true…

The good news here is if you start planning and taking steps with the info I have given you in these few lines you will be able to survive the storm, Remember, even in the “Great Depression” there were people who profited and actually became millionaires.

So what do I suggest?

  1. Become a leveraged investor through the use of lease options, assignments of short sales and probates.
  2. Buy silver to hedge against inflation - it is getting ready for a big move per ounce.
  3. When investing in the stock market use “Options” – play the cycles, get in and get out.
  4. Play the cycles in the Forex market.

Until next time be well.