Sunday, November 23, 2008

Real Estate: Thanksgiving & Real Estate Marketing

James Gage here with Gage Consulting Group hoping that this e-mail finds you and yours in good health, and wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

So what does Thanksgiving and real estate marketing have in common? If you don’t do it the right way it won’t come out with the desired results!

If you're like most real estate investors your head is probably still spinning from the state of the real estate market and economy – you’re not alone…
You may be asking yourself how the heck can you make money in business, or for that matter as a real estate investor in these troubled times. Well, here is the “Magic Bullet” answer!

Knowing how to market! Sounds like a no brainer- right? Wrong ! Marketing is like opinions, everyone has one. As many of you know I called this market melt down both in real estate and the financials some 24 months before it happened in Falls church, VA at Frazier O’Leary’s REI group.
As you also may know my approach to real estate investing is with a 3 prong attack plan: 1. know the strategy you will use to control the property 2. know how to negotiate like a seasoned pro, and 3. know how to “Fusion Market”.

With real estate investors running scared and real estate buyers at a stand still, with limited amounts of qualified buyer’s to buy or lease option your deals, it is now crucial for you to take your marketing skills to the next level!

That being said, you won't want to miss out on "Real Estate Marketing The Fusion Way!"

Before I let you go to read over exactly what these CDs contain, many individuals have called me and ask if I would put together a step-by- step CD series on "Real Estate Marketing The Fusion Way!" well your wish is my command. I have put together a 2 CD

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Normally priced at less then a 1 trip to your local gas station at $37.00, it is a great value if I do say so myself. But for the next 3 days (Nov 23 - Nov 26 ) I am extending to you, my newsletter subscribers the astonishing price of only $18.50!

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After Nov 26 it will return to the normal price of $37.00. You maybe asking why am I doing this? Simple, I am committed to getting this information into as many investors hands as possible, thereby getting our properties sold or under control; not only does that increases our bank accounts $$, but it will also help our economy hopefully stabilize.

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To your success,

James A. Gage

With theses 2 jam packed informational CDs you will never have to worry about marketing again!

What you will learn on this powerful 2 CD series:

Create winning and effective awareness campaigns that attract qualified buyers overnight!

Learn how to ignite real estate sales and increase commissions overnight through innovative marketing techniques that James Gage — who has made a killing throughout his successful
investing career in niche markets such as lease options, short sales and probate homes — will reveal during this special 120-minute 2 CD series.

James will teach you how to become an "outside of the box real estate marketer," blending various strategies — traditional and new — to create winning campaigns in 24 hours or less. It's all about "fusion" to gain exposure — the more eyeballs you can attract to your listings and services the more money you will make.

And with repetition comes recognition, which is paramount in a market starving for buyers and agents and brokers fighting over scraps. The time to change is now ... the calls, emails and inquiries will start pouring in tomorrow.

Here's just a sample of what you will learn on the 2 CD Presentations:

Old approach vs. new technologies

Effective marketing on a shoestring budget

What works in different market cycles

How to get winning campaigns up and running in 24 hours

Should you have a website?

Marketing strategies & techniques your competition is not using!

And of course like all of James's products you will receive much


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