Monday, October 20, 2008

Negotiating For Profit

James Gage here with Gage Consulting Group hoping that this blog entry finds you and yours in good health.

I have received a lot of phone calls over the past 2 weeks asking me how I could have possibly foreseen the financial down turn that we are currently experiencing. Rather then getting into a 50 page e-mail, I will be commenting on this very topic in my up coming newsletter. However, I would like to briefly comment on the turmoil in our world
right now and how I have learned to profit from it!

Today's a great day. Frankly, I was standing out side my house watching the leaves drop from the trees, while remembering my recent annual Snook fishing tip to Northeast Fla - a couple of weeks ago. I remember standing in the surf one morning with the bathtub warm Atlantic Ocean water lapping around my thighs as I was casting my fishing lure into the water.
I didn't care if I caught any fish or not. (But I caught two red fish - and released them.) Just standing there, feeling the ocean breeze and the sunrise on my face, I was very happy.

One reason was that I wasn't worried about anything, because as I was fishing I was making money! Other people were doing things for me that I used to do myself. For example, while I was standing in the ocean, my home back in the Northeast was being stained to give it a fresh look, my bird dogs were looking for deals for me, my option trades in the stock market were continuing to increase in value, and a lease option I had put together up the street from the beach was ready to close.

My only goal in life now is simple: Have no worries.

I can do that in a couple of ways:

a) Become a master negotiator so whether the market is up, down or going side ways I can profit in real estate or any business venture I decide to venture into (that's my chosen route)...or...

b) Ignore my troubles and let 'em slap me up side the head when I'm not looking. (Been there, done that...)

The thing I've learned in my 45 years - finally - is that faith in your negotiating skills is the key to happiness and financial security.
That's tough today when you look at the stock market, the banks collapsing, the government pumping $700 billion (more like 3-5 trillion when all is said and done) into the economy to "save" us.

I was a stock broker for a few years. And here's a little piece of advice: ignore the news media. Period ! They are the last people to state the obvious.

They love it when you're scared because you tune in more and they make more money. And the more you tune in, the more scared you'll become. Don't buy into that. Just remember my wife's mantra:


So, what does my wife mean by the season? I'm not getting into this very deep now. I'll save that for a future newsletter. But just suffice to say, that it means being aware of what environment or cycle the business and or real estate market is in, so you can fine tune your negotiating skills for maximum profit and success.

Unfortunately, you can't do that if you're scared, or have no confidence in your negotiating skills.

That being said, I have compiled my 22 years of negotiating skills as a Federal Arbitrator and real estate investor, and taken the very tips and strategies that I have used to be successful in business and real estate investing, and placed it into a compact, no non-sense, straight to the point, easy to follow “Negotiating For Profit System”.

It has been said, that you can have the best product, the most capable service, the best real estate strategy or technique, but without a negotiating system and the determination to make it work you won't be able to give money away in the middle of Las Vegas. Negotiating is a “million dollar skill” that is necessary for anyone who wants to attract financial success in their life. It doesn't matter what your product or services are or who your potential clients are, the only thing you need is to have a negotiating system where you work smart and go to the bank.

Before I let you go to read over my exactly what this timely system contains, many individuals have called me and ask if I would put together a step-by- step “ Negotiating System" well your wish is my command.

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You maybe asking, why am I doing this? Simple, I am committed to getting this information into as many investors hands as possible, thereby you the best deals through negotiating in these challenging times.

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To your negotiating success,

James Gage

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  • Never make a cold call again.
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  • Learn to set an agenda up front.
  • Never make a formal presentation until you have qualified and closed the prospect upfront.
  • Why you should forget about the word Yes and always go for the No's.
  • Never ask for the deal, make the prospect give it to you.
  • How to avoid buyer’s remorse during the negotiations!
  • Learn six figure income thinking by working smart and getting paid.
  • Fear of rejection will no longer be an issue.
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t work in negotiating and why.

and much, much more…

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Have a great rest of the weekend.

Peace & Prosperity to you and yours!