Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day and The Housing Market...

James Gage here with Gage Consulting Group hoping that this e-mail finds you and yours in good health.

If you're head is still spinning from the recent changes in the lending marketplace, and you're wondering how the heck you can finance your investments with the lending industry running scared from anyone but the best buyers, you won't want to miss out on Profit Big: The Lease Option Secret DVD.

In addition to this week being my wife’s birthday and the beginning of the Labor Day holiday weekend, we learned also this week that the housing crisis is far from over and that the default rate on the Prime Loan market is starting to become a factor (source: Yahoo Finance). Banks are even tougher these days with who they're lending to, and they're looking more and more at your credit. What if you have less than perfect credit, don't know how to best present your deal to the bank, don’t have enough of money to get a hard money lender to sign off or you are unable to secure a private investor. So what do you do? Do you walk away from investing till this housing cycle plays out? Do you get a second or third job to help pay for the lifestyle you hope for, or have grown accustom too?

I say NO ! It’s time for real estate investors to start thinking out of the box and use time tested leveraged strategies and tactics to invest in these uncertain economic times- can you afford not too?

Before I let you go to read over my exactly what this DVD contains, many individuals have called me and ask if I would put together a step-by- step DVD presentation on "Lease Options" well your wish is my command. I have put together just that, a DVD presentation on that very subject please visit the following link for more information :
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Normally priced at less then a few trips to Starbucks at $37.00, it is a great value if I do say so myself. But for the next 3 days (August 27 - August 30 ) in honor of my wife’s birthday and the Labor Day holiday, I am extending to you, my newsletter subscribers the astonishing price of only $18.50 ! That's a whooping 50% off my normal website store! Enter promo Code 555 on you order/check out page to receive your discount.

After August 30 it will return to the normal price of $37.00. You maybe asking why am I doing this? Earlier in this e-mail I mentioned that this is my wife’s birthday week, and while she was deciding where she wanted to dine for her birthday dinner, she reminded me how blessed we were as a couple and as a family. I couldn’t help but to look back over the last 20 plus years of my life and that of my family, and I can say in no small part, that our financial success is do to the real estate investing strategy of Lease Options. That being said, this is the reason I come before you today, not only to make this educational resource affordable for you, but to encourage you to learn about this powerful investing technique, and to show you that I am living proof that this is a very lucrative strategy.

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To your success,

James A. Gage

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