Thursday, February 28, 2008

3 Things You Need to Succeed in Real Estate

3 Things You Need to Succeed….

There are just a few musts to succeed in real estate …..

1. Most importantly, you must have the desire to succeed. Desire is the seed for any type of success!

2. You need to have a few hours a week to dedicate to this. It can be at night or on weekends, or during the middle of the day if you don't work 9 to 5. The flexibility is great. You can do it when it's convenient. But like anything worthwhile, if you do nothing, you'll get nothing.

3. You need to have confidence! You need to realize you will never be left alone as you learn how to do this. We will guide you along so you are very comfortable and knowledgeable. Confidence — that's how you can make a six-figure income working from home!

On the other hand, there are a lot of things you DON'T need to succeed …

5 Things You Don't Need to Succeed ...

1. You don't need a lot of money. You can start your own business with very little money upfront. And because there aren't any clocks to punch, you can keep your day job while you learn.

2. You don't need a college degree or a license or certification. But you do need to understand the specifics of this business — the kind of knowledge you'll gain from this program. We don't care about your education or training.

3. You don't need previous business experience. In fact, it'll probably be easier for you to master this program if you don't have a business background.

4. You don't need to be a salesman. This is not a job for only a few, lucky individuals. All you need is some time and desire to make more money. We'll teach you the rest.

5. You don't need "connections" in the real estate industry. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need connections to be successful, just specialized knowledge.