Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Negotiating For Profit CD

Presented by Gage Consulting Group, LLC


Have you ever wondered why most people are not successful in Real Estate or achieve very limited results? All Real Estate techniques and strategies have a learning curve, even Lease Purchasing, AKA Rent to Own; which I believe is the only way to control Real Estate. That being said, after you have grasped the strategy or the technique you want to implement - what now! The easy part was learning about the strategy, now comes the hard part which is Negotiating the deal. You can go to all the seminars, buy all the books and tapes on Real Estate investing and still fall flat on your face or come out on the short end of the stick - costing you time and money.

OK, OK if rah rah seminars, boot camps and positive thinking don’t work, what does? What's the SOLUTION? There is a common sense, success method that can achieve remarkable results in a reasonable time frame and it¹s called Negotiating For Profit. This method literally allows the user to leap ahead and learn quickly and become profitable, thereby eliminating all the usual wrong turns and costly mistakes that others make. The secrete to being successful in Real Estate or anything else for that matter comes down to 3 components:

1. Perception : The battle begins in the mind. We absorb subconsciously every negative and limiting comment or circumstance we have been exposed to and like wise positive events and comments too. However, if you are like most of us the negative far out weighs the positive. The way we look at ourselves and the situations we encounter must and can be changed to succeed in life.

2. Tools/Equipment/Knowledge : What ever you choose to do in life you must have the tools and knowledge to be successful. I believe that One -On-One Mentoring is the only way to be truly successful in Real Estate or anything else for that matter. Learn from someone who is already successful in that area; books and tapes will only get you so far!

3. Consistence : Self explanatory- right? Wrong! Most people think they must devote hours upon hours to achieve success. That’s not true, the name of the game is Consistence. If you have only 30 minutes a day to devote to your venture, then be faithful and devote 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week to your venture and see your success rate climb by leaps and bounds.

Finally the missing piece of the success puzzle is now available through the efforts of James A. Gage of Gage Consulting Group. This cutting edge CD will accomplish all 3 components, easily and effectively in just 20 minutes .

I have teamed up with a leading Hollywood Clinical Hypnotherapist and have created Negotiating For Profit CD.

Listen to it at night before going to bed for three weeks. It is important that you listen to this CD every night during the 3 week period; if you miss a night, add that night onto the three week period. Thereafter, listen to it at night as needed for reinforcement.

The CD will relax you and when it’s over, allow you to fall into a natural sleep. Most people, after listening to the CD a few times, are not aware of what is being said on the CD past the first few minutes -this is Normal. Rest assured that your subconscious mind is still receiving the positive messages for change even while your conscious mind is unaware.

This CD is not a bunch of psycho babble or positive thinking jargon, but rather a scientific based approach on transforming you into a world class Negotiator. After using this CD you will have the confidence and strength to be able to Negotiate anything on Your terms.